December 2009

We went to a Christmas party today. I spent several minutes eavesdropping on conversations about Survivor, Facebook, and weightloss.   I know the calorie count of a t.v.-watching snack for my fiance’s aunt if she’s being good, if she ‘s being bad, and if she’s just kind of being bad. And I know that I do not handle family gatherings where I don’t know the people, nor losing at pool to Nikolai, very well at all. Yup. If he weren’t so very aware that he’s good at it, I think the whole thing would be better. The fact that I lost ping-pong to him after the whole “pool” thing made things rather worse. But we visited his sister and fam after the party to deliver their Christmas caramel corn, and hung out and had a drink and told stories and talked so tonight ended on a better and more comfortable note than it forecast earlier.


It is an illusion, I’m pretty sure. Nevertheless, I feel productive today. So what that i didn’t shower until 12:45? So what that I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and made myself hot chocolate  because I was inspired? What I did do, today, was get a good running start at our wedding website. Chose a background, got a picture, wrote cutesy paragraphs about our relationship beginning and proposal, and somehow managed to create a link after fighting the website thinger for about 20 minutes. Therefore, I feel productive.

I suppose this isn’t the way to begin a blogging life, but I feel inclined to tell whoever will be reading this: my sister’s cat farts as a defense mechanism. I picked up said cat just now, to lavish kindly affection on her. Except for her little cat-bleats of not happy, I thought she’d be fine. But she farted. Just to get away from me.  It was amazing and terrible all at once.