I really like mornings. That’s not entirely true; I like sunny mornings. I like waking up and hearing birdies chirping and cheeping and singing to each other outside, I like getting a cup of tea and a couple of snickerdoodles that have morphed into biscotti, I like fresh air coming in from the balcony door. I don’t like that lovely morning freshness tarnished with some neighbor’s cigarette smoke. I was sitting here, facebooking (yes, it’s a verb), watching music videos on youtube, sniffing the clean sunshiney air, when a trickle of smoke found my nostrils. I sniffed again, deeper, to be sure of my conclusion. Indeed it was smoke. For the first 14 years of my life, my dad lived with us and he smokes. I know the smell. And so, le sigh, I had to close the balcony door.
I am still having a happy morning. If you are to make snickerdoodles, bake them a minute too long so they’re not soft in the center. Then, leave them out on the counter (assuming that’s safe from marauders) for two days. Presto change-o, biscotti! I am here to tell you that dry cookies are delicious with tea early on a Sunday morning. Early, by definition, would be before nine o’clock. maybe it’s safe to open the door again! Hooray more air from outside.

Nick said yesterday that he would do the dishes, so I let them be. But that was a day ago, and there are now more dishes from his yummy dinner concoction. I am torn, because part of my morning ritual is to clean up the kitchen. However, dear husband said he’d do it, so I want to give him the opportunity to do what he said. Also, all he said was that he’d do the dishes, there wasn’t really a time frame affixed. Well, he said he’d do it while I was at work yesterday morning, but then I got home and he’d not touched them, but said he’d still do them. Based off of the re-up of the dishes promise, there is no time frame. But my kitchen smells kinda funny. I hope it’s just my sensitive nose, but I’m concerned it is discernible to others. Nick and I are the only inhabitants but I don’t like a funky smelling kitchen!
I think I’ll give him the time. After all, he’s still in bed right now, and it’s almost 10 am, so it’s not like the day is gone or anything. I’ll just sit here, watching videos and painting my nails and being patient. And distracted.