If that’s true, I am freaking insane. Aaaand my subconscious has major issues. I had a crazy dream this morning. I mean a crazy dream with kind of a plot and characters and it was sci-fi and I don’t know where this came from. ‘Kayso, I’m sleeping along, and then there’s this guy, who is possibly my character in this whole big shenanigan, and he is from either another world or another land or perhaps the past, and he is now in the future or this other world, the one where it all takes place. In this high-tech world, which is probably not one any of us could really recognize unless it’s just our world in the far future, there is a girl. A pretty girl with hair the color of brown sugar and nice eyes that are just a little slanty like she has a fairy in her genealogy. Or someone from any of the countries in Asia, or maybe she’s just been engineered to be very very pretty and entrancing. This pretty girl and guy-from-other-placeortime have an eyes meet dramatically and fall in love instantly moment, and she shows him around the high-tech world and teaches him about the high-techness that he must now deal with to be with her and there is handholding and happiness. Time passes, and guy-from-other-placeortime wants to marry and have chillens, and broaches the subject with pretty girl. Inexplicably, they’re sitting on a twin bed in a very odd room, with tall ceilings and exposed pipes and a few very high windows but this is normal because high-tech means cold and forbidding architecture and interior design. And as they are sitting and guy tells girl he wants to have babies with her, a strange look crosses her face and she explains there is someone he should meet and something he should understand about their society and high-techness. They do not have sex with their actual spouses to make babies. See, everyone has a twin sibling that is identical except in one respect – while the main twin has been engineered to be lovely, the other twin has been engineered to be good baby-making machines. At this point, pretty girl calls for someone to come in, and the metal door swings open to admit her twin sister who possibly is of Scandinavian descent. She would resemble the pretty girl if the pretty girl shot up to 6 feet tall and gained about a hundred pounds. The twin had big ol’ birthing hips and a long torso, hell she had a long everything, she was six feet tall! And she had rounded cheeks, because to be child-ready she had to have extra body fat?  So guy looks horrified at the thought of babymaking with someone other than his beloved, but he does not have an optimally engineered twin so it is up to him to have lovey married times with his wife, and babymakey times with his wife’s babymaker twin. Fast forward for a few years and their chillens are raised separate from them, and it tears up the guy’s heart because he came from a timeorplace of good family values. These chillens are in a pool o’ water and there are chains hanging down that they hang onto for . . . support? amusement? The water is not that deep. There is a girl who appears to be early teens, she has her mother’s brown sugar hair pulled into a ponytail and her father’s determination and family attachment and stubbornness from perhaps both parents? There is a boy of about ten with light blonde hair with her, and a younger child as well. The girl is speaking passionately about how their parents want them, and they should get out and find their parents and their parents must be looking for them, too, because their parents love them.

Somewhere in there was danger and intrigue and fighting the system and don’t do it, that is not the way it is done! But I woke up. So someone steal that and make a creepy sci-fi book out of it because I cannot do such things. Dreaming good plot starters is my skill.