you may be assuming that this will be a gross overshare, and that just depends on your definition of overshare. Last week Nick was in town near my mom’s house, so he brought home my bicycle. Since we have the one car, Chelsea, this affords me with a bit more mobility when he’s at work. I used the bike the next day to get to Plump Panda and Captain SQUIRREL!’s apartment complex to work out with them at the little gym thing there. I found a route, got a lock and a helmet at Fred Meyers, and set out. It took me about 35 minutes and I thought I was going to keel over because of the strain of pedaling (my bike has one gear right now, out of 21, potentially) as well as the squeezing of the helmet on my oversize head. It had pieces of plastic that ensure a proper, snug fit; on a normal sized head this would not be an issue. My head seems to be very large, so these soft plastic bits pressure my temples just right and squeeze the back of my head just above the edge of my skull to create a sharp, screaming nasty headache that made me almost cry as I biked the sixish miles. I finally made it to their place, I performed some half-hearted stretches, did some minor weightlifting, stared blankly when they attempted normal conversation. All I could think about was the impending sixish mile ride home and how exhausting that would be. And also that I packed no snacks. With the sustenance of a sandwich cookie, and with a mint in my pocket for blood sugar boosting on the way home, I set off. And I realized exactly how bad it is when you’ve not ridden a bike in years, to jump into a twelve-ish mile round trip. My butt-bones hurt.  Three-hour-horseback-trail-ride level pain. I was groaning whenever I wasn’t around people, stood up whenever I could, and I winced when I had to sit back down on that evil piece of work known as a bike seat. Also, the beak of the bike seat attempted to give me a yeast infection by shoving itself twixt my nethers when I sat, and taking my body-crease sweat with it.

It’s been almost a week and now I’m contemplating that ride again. I just never learn, do I?