I biked over to friends’ place again to workout, and I must say that the second attempt went much better than the first.  I finally remembered how to ride a bike: like standing up whenever possible, and not wearing a helmet that squeezes my brain.  It was a rousing success.  I even brought a snack so my blood sugar didn’t crash repeatedly, and I was able to converse with my friends and actually exercise with them!  I was very happy to ride home because I knew how far it was and I still had some energy to make it and not feel like dying at the end.  Unfortunately, either the hot water in our building is experiencing difficulties, or I’m just too impatient to wait for it, but I took a cold and unpleasant rinse-off shower.  I think it was the fastest shower that actually cleaned me, that I’ve ever taken.  Nick had to take a cold shower this morning, too, and the poor man has next to no body fat.  He got out of there shivering, and was shill shuddering fully dressed. It took a cuddle and a cup of hot tea to set him right.  I am also jumping on a bandwagon: I am watching Glee. My only solace in my sudden fit of trendiness is that I am watching season 1 on DVD borrowed from a friend.  I am not trying to stay current.  That way, I must not be truly trendy, right? RIGHT?!  I finished an amazing book series today, too.  By Kate Forsyth,  “Witches of  Eileanan” is entrancing and complex, and to my personal relief, the authoress remembers all the random characters on the fringes and wraps up their stories, too.  I highly recommend it.