I love crafts. I love creating things, and knowing that they’re useful. I’d really like to take a sewing class that would teach me how to freestyle sew, instead of using patterns.  Patterns make me twitch a little bit and they totally make a project take twice as long and also probably three times more stressful. Reasons why: 1. Patterns are very fragile, being made as they are from tissue paper. They are easily destroyed, making a project more stressful.  2. Patterns make rules for a project, and projects are meant to be creative outlets.  3.  Patterns have many different sizes marked out in concentric shapes, and unless you cut the pattern to your chosen size (which adds twice the cutting time to your project), you never really know what line to follow.  If I were to use a pattern I’d lose all my momentum and interest by the time I had the pattern cut out, and I don’t think that’s too conducive to making myself a darling little sundress before December.