Not that I have to make any decisions today, just that I’m going to do so. I found a link (okay about 5 million. yay google.) on how to sketch faces and I’m going to practice!  I like to sketch people but I’m lousy at faces.  I can generally get the lips and eyes pretty close, but noses completely elude me.  I blame uncle Dan.  He stole my nose with frightening regularity at family functions.  He also was a concert player of the rib-fiddle.   And he gave equestrian lessons, “this is the way the lady rides,” etc.
Anyway – I will be sketching today and I am excited about it.  Also, I plan on embarking on an hour of yoga, to completely kick my own butt.  I got the DVD super-cheap at a Ross Dress-for-Less, and it is slightly ridiculous, and that makes me love it even more.
Oo! Oo! Oo! I forgot to mention something – I found a library within comfortable walking distance, and easy biking distance!  And even better, Nick and I walked there last night, just to find it for ourselves, and it’s open till 8 pm six days a week, so this is very exciting for me.  Also, evening walks to get or return books is just one more thing we can do together, instead of ignoring each other across our living room.