Last night Nick and I walked to the library, got cards, and perused for a while.  Then, we came home with books; I had three, he had one.  I just finished the first one.  It was very funny, written by Terry Pratchett, from his Discworld series.  I always assume that an author named Terry is going to be female, but more often than not they’re male.  And from England.  England needs to start either a club or a support group for men with women’s names.  All the Terrys and Chrises and Chelseas and Kellys and Kims can attend and feel not so alone.  Who knows, there might even be a Sue!  (extra special bonus points if you got the reference to Johnny Cash’s song, A Boy Named Sue)
Remember how I mentioned that my family has a few animals right about now, and how mom will be evicting some of the kittehs because there’s no room at the inn for them?  Earlier in the week, I was told by Older Sister that Little Sister went and got herself a puppy.  Because she wanted something to love.  Well gee, Little Sister, what about YOUR CAT THAT YOU ABANDONED WHEN YOU MOVED OUT?  What about the kitten that you had for a while with your husband before you decided to divorce, that our cousin had to take off your hands because you couldn’t take care of her?  In short, WOMAN YOU ALREADY HAVE PETS.  Why, oh why would you have the gall, the nerve, the cheek to take on another animal?  Are you going to leave him or her once they’re out of the cute phase?  Did you take into account bills for vet visits, food, gear, flea treatments?  Did you think about exercise?  Did you research breeds to find a dog that would fit your life and home, or did you just get distracted by something cute and fluffy that will grow to be a gnawing, howling, hyperactive monstrosity?  Gah.  I rant here because I know she doesn’t read this.  I mean, my mother will be evicting pets, pets Little Sister has grown up with.  Why not take them on, give them a home and love (since you can have pets, I guess, and I can’t), instead of condemning them to some shelter and maybe euthenasia.  Pardon me, I need to sink into a helpless depression real quick.

(crickets chirping)

Okay, I think I’m out of it now.  Man, I really need to go through the four boxes of random crap from my move.  See, I think I should keep the stuff because a lot of it was/is/are/were gifts, and could possibly be useful in the future.  But crap, there’s nowhere to put it all!  Unless I get some storage bins, but that involves spending money and I’d prefer to not.  But there are a few spots I can still shove stuff, but I want little drawer units to stuff full for like. . . control of the overflow.  And this is for the stuff I know I want to keep.  Anyone want to keep me company while I straighten up?