May 2010

Memorial Day is for remembering the sacrifices made by the military for the sake of our country, and more importantly, for the sake of the people that constitute that country.

Memorial Day is also for barbecues, and I was starting to panic just before noon as Nick drove off for his 2! hour shift (good call, work!) because we had no barbecue-related plans for this afternoon and evening.  By the time Nick got home from his 2! hour shift, I had decided on a course of action for us.  Nick was unaware.  He changed out of his work clothes and came to cuddle me on the couch.

“Honey, do you want to go visit my dad today?  I want to see him. ”

Silence from Nick, accompanied by that minute stiffening of muscles in protest of a threat, the sudden intake of breath to cope with incoming pain.

“No . . . . . I wanted to make plans for us tonight. ”

“Us like, just you and me?”

Sad, now, “Yeah!”

“Like, just us like it is all the time?”

More silence.

You see, Nick is like my sister.  They are firm in their belief that they are impulsive, impetuous people.  They happen to miss the fact that they are incredibly inflexible and mulish when confronted with someone else’s impetuosity.  I have learned to deal with this person in two bodies: I give them a half hour.  I present my idea, and give them a half hour of silence so they can process and become okay with this idea.  Then I ask again, and usually they’re good to go.  It worked again, this time.

About an hour later, we were on our way to my dad’s via a new (to me), exciting, very scenic, very curvy road.  Lovely and delightful!  Nice weather!  We made brown rice, steamed broccoli, cheese sauce for the broccoli, steak marinade, and summer squash for grilling.  Yay annual barbecue days will not go unnoticed!  We came home after a few very nice hours with the feeling of good memories created.  I know it meant something to my dad.  It meant something to me, too.  As we drove away, “Have I mentioned that I really like your dad?”

Yes baby, you have.  And I’m glad.


I am in a bad mood.  I do not know if it is because I am thinking and feeling unhappy things, or if it’s because I skipped my mood-altering vitamin this morning.  50 mg B-complex, in case you had any silly ideas about my medicinal habits.  I am not feeling angry, just unhappy.  I am unhappy because I want to have a different job but I do not, because I am not making enough money (in my opinion), because I have gained about 10 lbs since my wedding, because pants are getting tighter, because I cannot find a good, safe, walking route for to exercise upon.

*went and took a nap and a vitamin*

I feel better now.  Except I have waited till the end of the day to post, and yay because something of occurrence . . . um . . occurred.  We went out to a coffee shop because my brother was playing a show there this evening.  ‘Twas great fun!  There was a minor problem: I think he’s back together with his on again/off again really needs to be off for always, girlfriend.  She super-dislikes me because I think she can tell that I don’t want them together.  She is not a bad person.  I do not dislike her, on the basis of her alone.  I do dislike her in a relationship with my brother.  They are not good for each other, and he would move on willingly if she would let him go.  He tries to be a good man, and ends up going back to her dangit!  They can work and did work as friends, but the romantic dynamic pretty much eats both of their souls.  Oh, the fights he has told me about.  His descriptions of their behaviours!  I don’t think he’s an angel or anything, and that she’s so clingy and horrible, he’s not himself with her.  They both twist themselves into something they think the other person wants and it’s just no good.  He broke up with her about two months ago, and moved a city away and got a second job.  I thought he might really be done, and I was so happy and tried to support him and bolster him up.  I understand breakups hurt and stuff.  I did not do a happy dance anywhere he could see, and I did not try to bash on her or exonerate him.  Now, NOW, he’s back with her and faking it up so much I think I’m going to suffocate.  Grr!  Rawr!  Nonsense and tomfoolery!  Oh, well.  I’ll just chew him out later.

I seem to be waiting till the end of the day to post this last week.  I’ve read over some of my recent posts and found them to be kind of lame, so I decided to wait until the day was done in hopes of having more amusing fodder for posts.  So far, all I have are disjointed memories of the day and a lot of tiredness.  Oops.

It really seems like everyone has had birthdays this week.  My little brother and my mother-in-law share a birthday, Plump Panda’s husband (whose nickname appears to change weekly)’s was today (but the party was yesterday) and MIL’s party was tonight, also at least 5 people on Facebook had birthdays this week that that I very nicely neglected.  If I write anything that abuses grammar beyond its strictures, please forgive me.  I am mildly inebriated.  Oh yeah, I spelled that right on the first try.  I must be fine.

At MIL’s party tonight, there was delicious dinner of the barbecue chicken salad variety (if you’re interested I’ll get SIL and BIL’s recipe), wine, and a good round of Apples to Apples.  I ended up with the collection of: Corrupt, Foreign, Responsible, Risky, Awkward, and Awesome.


We left at the same time as Nick’s parents, and logically we raced down the opposing staircases to beat the other couple to the bottom.  Unfortunately,  MIL totally wiped out on the second floor landing (party was on the third floor) and made a very concerning thump.  She missed the last step in her rush to win  and landed on her hands and knees.  I double-checked that she was okay before laughing uproariously.  Then, as we all carefully made our way down the last flight to the parking lot,  Nick made a crack about the cards she had won in Apples to Apples, one of which was Chunky.  It’s okay.  I smacked him for her.  I got the back of his head and some ear!

I want to sleeeeeeeeeeeep.

I went home from work early yesterday because not only did I have no appointments, there were just no people in the store.  ‘Twas dead as a high school on Sunday.  Then, I got to sit through a THUNDERSTORM all by myself.  I love thunderstorms, but I love them because they frighten me and make me want to cuddle with Nick and Nick was at work so I couldn’t cuddle with him.  I just wandered around the living room, shaking a little bit and reviewing everything I knew about how the air feels right before one is struck by lightning and turning off all the lights.  And making tea.*  Then, thankfully, once the storm had passed, Plump Panda invited me along for some birthday shopping.  We swung by the dollar store for obnoxious decorations, and I made an epic discovery: that particular dollar store stocks eggs, cheese, milk, and a few other perishables.  I may be snooty in thinking this, but isn’t that a little sketchy?

Ugh.  I just looked down and saw that my thigh fat was subcutaneously congealing.  It kind of makes me want to not eat, ever again.  Of course, the true answer is to exercise regularly, but who does that?  Especially outside, in the rain?*

*I appear to be using fragments today.  I am so sorry.

Yesterday I wrote a nice boring update about our weekend.  On Saturday I had more clients at work (jerks, I’m trying to find reasons to leave!), then I saw Love, Actually with two of my besties.  There was also a nice play on words about Greyhounds, the drink vs. the dog.  Ha haha, we all laughed.  We ate hummus and spaghetti and artichokes.  Sunday was fun, too.  We had a lazy morning, and then had lunch at Izzy’s with Nick’s aunt and uncle from Lafayette.  They were nice and kind of spoiled us, what with the lunch and the hanging out afterward and his uncle said, “we have a blu-ray player and don’t want the dvd copies that come with some of them, you should have them!”  So while Nick fixed a computer (shocking!) I sorted through dvd’s.  And then I played Scrabble with Uncle.  Then we went to mom’s house she’s trying to clean up to sell, got a few more tidbits of random stuff I left there, and got thoroughly exhausted and then stopped at The Baron’s house on the way home.  Ginger Ninja (the Baron’s wife) and I made choco cupcakes and cream cheese frosting and then we watched Ratatouille as a group.  Nick and I had deep and intense conversations all the way home, upstairs, across the apartment, and into bed.  Everything’s fine, though.

AND THEN LAST NIGHT I WROTE ABOUT IT ALL AND WORDPRESS DELETED IT BECAUSE IT’S A BIG HAIRY STUPIDFACE.  I like wordpress, it’s pretty easy for me to use, mostly.  And it’s never deleted an entire post of mine, before.  I’m sad and angry.

Earlier this morning, I had a dream that I was visiting my Betna, and we were going for a walk with her little Kiwi.  Kiwi was in the stroller but didn’t want to be, so I put her in the Bjorn frontpack I was wearing and Betna just pushed the stroller while showing me on her very complex technological device what route we were walking and the amount of hills in it.  Then we got to her friends’ car, and we had to open the door and rearrange clothes in it because they were flying in later that day.  When she mentioned flying I thought it was a good idea so I put down little Kiwi and jumped into the air and just kept going, floating and zipping around.  Betna got mad because I wasn’t focusing.  And then I helped a very large man with a long braid shop for a motorcycle after we all played soccer with the Marines.

WordPress is a jerk! I had a post all written up, but then it said I was logged out. So I logged in, and tried to add tags. Then it said I didn’t have permission for that. So I just went ahead to publish, and then THE ENTIRE POST DISAPPEARED. My sadness, it has no end.

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