I really like watching music videos.  I mean really, really like to watch them.  They’re like 3 minute stories that I get to try to figure out and see if they’re related at all to the song being sung!  On a given day I’ll watch three or four, but if I’m truly bored or intrigued I will watch them for hours.  Obviously, the rap and hiphop videos don’t have much by way of a story, but a lot of others do.  I don’t even know where I was going with this beyond confessing something embarrassing.

We’re getting me a computer desk this evening!  And by “we” I mean “Nick”.  I will stand nearby.  Or even better, stay home and cook.  I’m going to make chicken and broccoli casserole!

update:  Nick and his dad got partway there and the guy called to say that someone else had come along intending to purchase his larger desk, and instead took the one we wanted because the larger one was . . . too large.  So the guy thinks, hey, the one they said they wanted doesn’t work, how about this other one sitting right here?  It’s not like I have a buyer for it, especially not one halfway here already. so let’s have this guy take the small desk.  Grrrr stupid guy.