I don’t remember liking board games as a kid.  I think there were one or two that I enjoyed, but in general I remember not wanting to play with my sisters because of the fighting and the rules, savemeJesus, the rules.  The rules about the rules!  The rules must be read aloud.  The rules must be listened to from start to finish without interruption, or else the rules will be re-read from the beginning.  The rules will be consulted whenever anyone sees fit, but can only be read by the reader/dealer/game master.  I’m sure I was personally responsible for at least some of the fighting, because come on, it’s me we’re talking about here.  Anyway, I didn’t like board games.  I had/have a deep-seated hatred of Monopoly and any other game that requires counting or ruthless business tactics.  After high school I started liking games more, games like Mad Gab, Guesstures, Catch Phrase, Taboo, Cranium, team games.  Games that don’t require a lot of setup time or explaining.  I still loathe Monopoly, but Gingerninja and the Baron have the Monopoly card game, and that’s a little better.  Now that I’m a little older, I am concerned for our collection of board games, since we only have . . . one.  And it’s a card game, and Nick doesn’t even like it.  This horrible deficiency of ours was not something I noticed until these last few months.  Previously, a party with our friends would consist of talking, joking, and drinking, with drinking being the reason we got together; recently the concept of “party” has changed.  Drinking is all well and good, sure, but we need something more substantial for parties.  Something to do while we sip those drinks.  Games!  Board games!  Card games!  Word games!  Gingerninja and the Baron have a good supply of games, and so do Plump Panda and Capt. SQUIRREL!  We all played Imaginiff and then slightly-drunk Twister the other night, and felt that our party was very successful.  With that knowledge, I have been concerned about future parties hosted by Nick and myself.  We have one game, after all.  How will we have any fun?  Ah, but all that worry was resolved today.  Today, we went on a small excursion to the nearest Wal-Mart (I had a gift card) and there we found Scrabble, two decks of cards, and a box of dice!  Even better, yesterday we dropped by his parents’ house and picked up his old chess and backgammon sets.  We no longer suck in the games department!  We can play ten thousand (or Farkle, as it’s known by the rest of the world outside of my mother’s side of the family), and we can play Egyptian Ratscrew, and we can play . . . other games. . . .whatever.  We have more than one game and that is exciting!

Oh, and that chicken, broccoli, and rice casserole turned out FULLY AWESOME! and has been consumed with great gusto.  The leftovers are destined for our stomachs tonight. mmmmm.