After some deliberation, it has been decided that Nick likes sugar cookies more than naked snickerdoodles. So I have been keeping a lump of sugar cookie dough in the fridge, and hacking off a chunk to roll out and bake every couple of days. I have been confounded by the thinness of the cookies in proportion to the baking time to create the perfect finished product. That is to say, Nick likes them just barely baked. I mean, baked for maybe three minutes, and just almost crispy around the edges while being molten dough in the center. I tend to wander away from the oven and get distracted, so every three batches or so resembles biscotti more than actual cookies, which Nick doesn’t want to eat.  These toasty rejects end up as my morning companions, soaking in a hot tea bath.
I love tips.  Not bits of useful information, but monetary tidbits for a job well done.  I like money, but more than that I like the feeling that I have done such a good job that my clients want to reward me yay!  Speaking of clients, I met with two potentials today and they were just darn adorable.  They walked into the shop together, and I did the polite inquiry, “Is there anything I can help you find?”  In fact, they were curious about massage hey that’s me talk to me!  They told me their different preferences for massage, sassing each other about who was going to talk first.  Apparently they had a discussion ahead of time who would talk.  They have been married for 7 years, and as she said, as she’s told him, if she had known it would be this much fun she’d have done it when she was younger!  Following that was another round of loving cheekiness, where he asked why it took her so long to find him, and she got indignant that SHE was supposed to find HIM, and then told him off for growing up on the wrong coast.  He had to go all the way to New York to find her, this statement said with a mutual look of pride and satisfaction.  Their cuteness just killed me in my heart.  I had to text my husband as soon as they left too coo over their cuteness, to which he replied, haha, cool!  My romantic man.

I made fajitas for dinner!