I’ve been looking around people’s blogs, and I keep seeing references to 365 Days of Pictures or something like that.  While I don’t want to entirely jump on that bandwagon, mostly because I dislike bandwagons as a general rule, I do want to catch the idea a little.  I’ve toyed with my own twist on the one-a-day bit.  Instead of a picture a day, I complete, or completely start, something creative daily.  Katie inspired me to work with yarn again, I’m not the greatest knitter (knitser? Knittist?), but I can crochet decently well.  I may try to learn to crochet lace.   Mighty Crafts has inspired me to try new recipes, Spinning a Yarn has inspired me to sew again, Jesse has inspired me to draw more and try to improve that skill, and Sarahthe, a random stranger I found through Surviving the World, has inspired me to try my hand at photography.  Wow that is many much links.  My aunt gave me the gift of knitting for Christmas, or was it my birthday?  She has promised lessons and such until I get good or my head asplodes or I have some sort of breakdown.  I want to schedule the first lesson.  I have no idea when or where, since she has 4 of the greatest boys ever and lives about an hour away, but it shall happen, oh yes indeed.  Nick gave me an incredibly shiny camera for Christmas; it has jillions of settings I don’t know much about, since I tend to not read user’s manuals but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.  I don’t suppose I’ll have much by way of incredible pictures for a while, and I don’t have an editing program, but I may have a b&w setting on the camera.  I’m trying to ease myself into the fact that my pictures will not be prizewinners and that is okay, otherwise I’ll be taken over by the fact that my pictures aren’tthebestintheworldshutthestatedownomg.  And then I’ll be too ashamed of my sub-par-ity and not post them, and so on with the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Does anyone actually know how to gnash teeth?  I’ve never heard of it happening outside of the Apocalypse, so maybe it’s something that can only be brought on by a major cataclysm?  Gah, tangent.  Okay I’m off to yoga (maybe I’ll add yoga to my one-a-day thing) in my living room here, and then I think I’ll take my camera for a walk.