I return triumphant!  With pictures!  They’re all just nature and stuff, but I’ll post my favorite three once I figure out how to stick pictures in here.  Hmmm . . . there should be some sort of very obvious button . . . oo!  I found it!  Oh hey, on the walk I took to my library and back, as I darted across the road to get to the library, I may have drop-kicked my phone across the street a little bit.  I didn’t mean to, it fell out of my pocket and down my leg to my foot.  I swear, the thing is made of titanium and kryptonite’s baby.  The back flew off, the battery made a run for it, and the face got a little scuffed but the screen is still pristine and it works just as good as it did before it made the jump.

I remember I said I’d post my favorite three, and I took nineteen, so here goes the narrowing-down process.  If this takes forever to load, I am very sorry.

Saucy maple

I like this one because of the angle and juxtaposition – the leaves and twigs looked very jaunty and pert, growing through the fence like that.

Loving branches

The color was so rich here, and the branches made almost a heart shape, so I could see that they loved their trunk.

Nick's favorite

This is Nick’s favorite, I think he likes how squiggly the branches are.  This decorative mapley thing is at least 30 years old, which explains why I could stand underneath it.  I really enjoyed walking at a slower pace and trying to find things that looked interesting, and it’s freeing to take more than one picture of a subject.  I did get some weird looks from drivers as I moved back and forth trying to get the heart-branches just so in the shot, but maybe that was because the tree was in someone’s yard so I looked like a lurker.  Oh, well.  Better luck next project!