Happpy Mother’s Day, aunt Dawna!  I don’t know if any other mothers read this, maybe Bethany?  Anyway, props on the loving and raising of chillens!

I was thinking about what i could do for my one-a-day artistic something, today, and I had come up with bread pudding.  I wanted to make it, as I have never made it before and I find it delicious.  However, it requires eggs and milk and we’re out.  There is a Fred Meyer’s across the street, you say?  Want to hear what I say? Shut up!  It too farrrrrr awayyyyyy.  And I might have to walk or otherwise moooooooove and I don’t wanna!  I’m also thinking about sketching Nick, but I’m not sure that sketch would be post-able, since he’d probably be embarrassed to death.  Eh, I think I’ll just go get some eggs and milk and make the darn pudding.  We have enough leftover bread anyway, and it’s not being eaten.

a few hours later: We walked to the store and got a few things, and then I made the pudding.  I left out the raisins, because Nick doesn’t like them and also we didn’t have any, and then we visited Captain Squirrel and Plump Panda at their garage sale.

Amanda at garage sale

Capt. Squirrel didn’t like having his picture taken, I don’t think. Plump Panda was much more patient.

Steve at garage sale

We talked and joked, and practiced with Capt.’s throwing knives when no one was around.  It was fun.  I have terrible aim.

Good aimBad Aim

Then Nick and I finally came home, and I checked on the bread pudding I had abandoned in the oven.  I tried it out and it was delicious!  Still kind of warmish, and with a little milk poured over it, it was just great.  I remembered to take pictures before I dug in, too, so I can prove that I did something creative today.  Bread pudding

And now, I think I’ll go stand in the kitchen with a fork again and slowly demolish what is left.