Today Nick and I headed to McMinnville to get copies of our marriage license.  I need them for changing my name through Social Security and the DMV, to prove to the world that yes, I am married.  I’m a little apprehensive about the whole process, because I’ll have to change everything.  My name on my investments, my banking, my professional license, and I don’t know which entities will charge me for the privilege.  All in all, it’s more of that change thing that I don’t like so much.  This also means I have to change my signature, and it still looks and feels ridiculous even though I have been practicing.

We went to Arctic Circle for lunch and oh man they have the best food ever.  They always have!  The original Fry Sauce, perfectly done, delicious burgers, decent prices, not so much food your stomach asplodes, perfect.  Even better than a delicious lunch, we also got fabric and stuffing for throw pillows!  Our couch is great and all (read: free off Craigslist), but the arms are uncomfortable as headrests.  I have to haul a pillow out of our bedroom all the way across the apartment to cushion my poor cranium from the arms of the couch, if I wish to recline and read.  However, fate intervened: in my two months of home ec. in 6th grade, I did learn a bit of sewing, and we learned how to make pillows.  Seriously, not the most complex sewing project ever.  I intend to utilize that sacred knowledge to further my own and my husband’s comfort.  Also, I’m excited to get started on something!  I promise to pay more attention to this project than the time I made my mom an apron for Mother’s Day or her birthday or something with upside-down fabric.  She said she liked it, so when she looked down the kitties were looking at her, but still.  I’m thinking this particular project will take up a few days, so I won’t be lacking on my one-a-day quest, and that will keep me from feeling guilty!  Yaayyyy.  Now that I’ve discovered how to stick pictures on here, I’ll restrain myself from updating you with pictures daily.  It’s possible only I would be able to see the difference anyhow.  In the mean time today while I work up the energy to actually start with the measuring and such I am going to make more sugar cookies.  It is great fun to have cookies on hand at all times.  My sweet tooth is less of a threat to the greater Portland area.