Today started with a weird dream and being angry at Nick.  The dream involved my friend Erik scuba-diving in a bay in Florida at night assisted by my little sister, and then he appeared to drown so she freaked out and never contacted my family again and got a job and a place to live in Florida.  Later, I saw her in a Fred Meyer’s (in Florida) where a Santa Claus-lookin guy asked my mom and I to pretend to be pregnant with bags of popcorn.  It had to do with magic.  The evil woman would ask us to take the bags of popcorn out from under our shirts but we mustn’t or it would ruin the magic.  Oh, and Erik didn’t die after all, he got confused underwater and ended up on the bad guys’ submarine.  We yelled at him for that.  And I got mad at Nick for not getting up when I asked him.  The anger was short-lived; I was fine once I got out of the shower.  I know he’s not a morning person.  I can let him be himself.  Shortly thereafter, he got up anyhow.

I got home from work and was three-quarters of the way through a yoga workout when I smelled a burning smell.  I ignored it.  It got worse, you know, more burny?  So I looked over at the stove to see if it was on, even though I hadn’t touched it since I got in the door.  It was off.  The burning smell became more acrid.  I got scared, and wondered if I were having a stroke, since smelling a burning scent is a symptom.  I wasn’t.  I then crawled around my apartment sniffing rapidly, attempting to locate the source of the smell.  Was it wafting in under the door?  Was the refrigerator burning itself up inside?  Was it from the oven or stovetop, or coming in through the common exhaust vent from the neighbor’s kitchen?  Most likely, although the aroma was strongest in the bathroom.  Go figure.  I even went around touching all the walls where the scent was strongest, to see if it was warm (indicating fire, of course) and making fire escape plans: what to grab, when to run, etc.

Last night was so much fun.  My brother Twister, Gingy, and Twister’s b-i-l Jdog came over and just hung out for hours.  We watched silly videos on youtube, incorporated Jdog into our zombie apocalypse plan (he’s a pilot!!!), and eventually all packed into Chelsea to make a food run.  We played corners in the backseat while Nick successfully navigated us to Jack in the Box for a quasi-late night nom.  We all bonded and now have good memories of a Monday evening with friends, some brand-new.

I was going to cut the fabric for pillows in a minute, but wow, my neck started hurting.  That crazy pain that reaches into your skull and makes your upper teeth ache, but only on one side.  Also, I haven’t eaten dinner and I think I ought to.  It is, after all, almost nine p.m.