I did it! I finished a pillow!  I measured out two of them while watching Glee on hulu, then trimmed down the middle of that large swatch to split it into 2 roughly 15″ square pieces.  step one - cut

I wasn’t using a straightedge of any kind, just the groove in the middle of my makeshift table there, which is actually comprised of two side table things, back to back.  I relied on the straight line I had made of the pins, as well as the pattern of the fabric itself.  It worked out just fine.  Flipped them inside out, pinned the corners to hold them in place, and sewed right along the edges, paying no attention to measurements of the seam in inches.

mostly unstuffed

An oversight when we stopped by my mom’s house meant that I only had the one bag of stuffinfluff, but I figured that I’d do the best I could today and finish up the other one, probably tomorrow or Friday.  Here is the completed pillow, in its place ready to alleviate the discomfort of the world!  Or maybe just my living room.


After all that, I packed up my library books and the yoga dvd I borrowed and set off for my favorite place.  Mmmmm browsing through books and books and books.  No one to yell at me about not buying, no loitering concerns, and exercise dvds and most of them looked absurd!  One of my favorite series, The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia Wrede, all in hardback, just waiting to amuse me with fractured fairy tales and characters I’d like to emulate or at least befriend.  Tons of romance novels, poorly written with absurd titles and plots, like The Vicar’s Secret, The Greek Billionaire’s Bride, The Pirate of Love.  I’m sure at least one of those actually exists.
Oh, and on the way back I stepped into Fred Meyer’s to grab a few things we were lacking.  Just a couple staples to help us make some of our favorite meals, you know?  I came home with my backpack of books, and two bags of groceries, thinking about how happy Nick would be that I thought to grab some of these things.  I put everything away and plopped down with a new book, with the balcony door open and one ear cocked for the sound of El Jefe.  El Jefe is a car that we are borrowing from a friend, for to have two cars for us.  I heard the car, popped up, saw Nick get out of the car with a grocery bag in one arm.  I frolicked over to the front door, timing it just right that as he walked up, I opened the door and he walked in and I scooped the groceries out of his hands.  he got the same groceries as me:  2 cans of pineapple, 3 small yellow onions (not two, THREE.), 4 cans of diced tomatoes.  I think I got fewer cans of tomatoes, but that’s it.  Ha, so much for my fear that we’re not bonding enough as a couple!  We’re grocery twins, people.  Check it out, yo.