I’ve already dropped behind on one-a-day.  Ha.  However,  I’m not sure that I ever really expected myself to do it properly, you know?  It was more of a perfect ideal that I could attempt to be/do, and in the process of failing that, I’d still get plenty of stuff done.  When my twin brother* came over earlier this week to hang out, he brought me his journal right before he left.  It was his personal, gut-honest chronicle of the past two years of his life.  Some of the entries are months apart, some days, some hours.  It was a huge leap of trust for him to even let me read it, since it is written in there many a time, “this is personal” “this is just for me to see and remember” “I better not let anyone read this, ever, or they’ll think I’m utterly depraved”.  Nevertheless, he went out to his truck, he put it in my hands, and he said, “I want you to read this.”  I don’t want to make him sound pathetic, because he is not.  I just think he wanted desperately to be known, and still loved.  I feel really happy that he’s willing to let me inside his head.  Anyway, he has handed over his journal, and in the back are a few partial songs because he is a musician, and has formed a band with his brother-in-law and another friend.  I have been using some spare time the last few days to pen some lyrics that he may or may not use.  Well, he may or may not know they exist yet, but the relevant bit is that I am being creative, with words and rhyme and meter and such.  It takes effort, to put together something that has meaning, that can be understood, that catches the attention, and that translates the meaning to the reader/listener.  If he wants to use what I write it’s all on him to compose to it.  I am fully lacking in musical skills of that variety.

* He’s not really my twin.  Biologically, I do not have a twin or even a brother.  However, he was born two months before me and we’ve known each other our entire lives, and were best friends all through childhood.  High school was rough, though.  Anyway, I refer to him as my twin to differentiate from my other two brothers, and also because we realized ages ago that we’re pretty much identical, as far as personalities go.  It’s a little weird talking to myself in guy form, but I assume it’s inversely creepy for him, too.  So that makes it alright.