Warning: this post is about my personal spiritual views.  That is all

Warning 1.5: this post is going to annoy you probably with the bragging type noises.

I was talking to a lady this week about energy work and we were discussing our many similarities, like spiritual sensitivity, emotional sensitivity, healing as a calling (not through medicine, but through loves and touch. Not that I am anti-medicine, not that I think love is the cure for pneumonia) and other such woo-woo things.  I am burning up in embarrassment as I type this, because usually this type of discussion happens in person and I can rely on the human memory system to fuzz out the parts where I sound like an idjet.  Okay so in massage school, we were taught about wanting to help our clients so badly that their pain or discomfort or even emotional issues could be absorbed by us, the therapists of wonder and joy.  We were then taught how to kind of block that from happening mentally-ish but kind of spiritually-ish as well.  And then, in later months, we were taught a wee bit about Chi and Meridians and Chakras and Reiki and Polarities and you probably are bored already.  All of those things function under the understanding that the human body exudes an energy field, and with proper focus and concentration and practice such fields can be sensed and manipulated for the ultimate well-being.  Also it’s spiritual.  Not sure how, except. . it just is.  So in the process of learning all this jazz, I discovered that most of it came pretty easily to me, since I’m already sensitive toward people in general.  I have lots o’ empathy and stuff.  Talking to this lady about all these things, and how one goes about having spiritual beliefs, we got into some details on her beliefs.  She believes in God the Father (good), God the Jesus (also good), God the Holy Spirit (still tracking right along) and God the mother goddess possibly the earth I got confused at this point (ahhh not good where did another god come from?).  Also she believed in ghosts.  And in different manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s power as understood by different colors of light or energy (huh?).  It was at this point that I (did not rant about how she was wrong) realized some interesting things about my own set of beliefs.  I have adopted some of the energy ideas from those other belief systems, and I do not think that they disagree with my own Christian spirituality.  Also, I have incorporated some of the more Eastern philosophies’ approaches to meditation and the like, and have seen good growth and such in my own faith.  BUT I have also noticed my ooze toward trendiness.  I know a few different words and ideas from paganism that allows me to converse with New Age-y types, and I can make lofty suggestions of my own about purifications and cleansings and energy flow and where that energy comes from, cos if you’re giving out your own you’ll need to replenish from somewhere, blah blah blah ancestors blah crystals potions blah.  I felt like a total poser.  I’ve been trying to sit the fence between just plain God/Jesus/H.S., and trendy earthspirit worship.  Why?  I don’t know.  Possibly to make myself more likable.  I don’t believe in ghosts, like the spirits of dead people hanging around here causing problems.  I do believe in mean, malicious spirits floating around causing issues, and possibly issues that sound like ghosts.  I don’t think anyone needs help “crossing over”.  Dying kinda gets you there, you know?  Once again I have discovered myself oozing toward trendiness for to make the peoples like me.  Because being liked is more important than being true.