I think I have a new project!  Yesterday afternoon Nick and I lay in bed talking, and I mentioned that I thought I could upholster our headboard without really damaging it.  I still have some batting that I think would work for fluff, and if we went and got a yard and a half of fabric that he liked, too, I could use either tacks or staples on the backside.  The front is quite pretty, stained “wood” with a nice design carved into it, so I wouldn’t want that ruined.  Plus, it was a gift from Aunt Dawna and Uncle Kevin, and destroying a gift is generally frowned upon.  Nick thought it sounded interesting and he might just be okay with it!  Yay for me and my need to have projects!  Also I think upholstering the headboard will be oodles of fun and will change the look of our room and be intriguing and stuff.

After this discussion, later in the evening we watched Daybreakers; it was hilarious and didn’t mean to be.  There were so many plot points that were either completely glossed over or alluded to but not allowed to develop, and it ended abruptly and nonsensically. . . ’twas awesome.  They (being the writers, director, etc.) followed basic vampire lore, except for a few points.  They changed it so that vamps can only thrive off of the blood of what they were before, (there was a vampire chimp) humans to humans and so on.  Pig blood just isn’t good enough.  Without a decent serving of human blood daily, or nightly, the vampire brain degrades and the body changes to more of a bald, pink, nekkid bat-looking thinger.  These nastybeasts are also much less intelligent.  Oh, darn it!  Anyway, the ending was hilarious and absurd because it seemed like they had it set for a happy ending, but then like everybody died.  I don’t want to ruin it for you if you care to watch it.  Not everyone dies, it just seems like it.  And then they drive off into the sunset having changed very little but while spouting pseudo-philosophical nonsense in the voice-over.  Giggling over the poor plot choices notwithstanding, when we went to bed last night I still imagined one of the pink nekkid ones standing next to my side of the bed every time I closed my eyes for a few minutes.  As I tell my husband, honey sometimes logic just doesn’t work for me.