Yesterday I wrote a nice boring update about our weekend.  On Saturday I had more clients at work (jerks, I’m trying to find reasons to leave!), then I saw Love, Actually with two of my besties.  There was also a nice play on words about Greyhounds, the drink vs. the dog.  Ha haha, we all laughed.  We ate hummus and spaghetti and artichokes.  Sunday was fun, too.  We had a lazy morning, and then had lunch at Izzy’s with Nick’s aunt and uncle from Lafayette.  They were nice and kind of spoiled us, what with the lunch and the hanging out afterward and his uncle said, “we have a blu-ray player and don’t want the dvd copies that come with some of them, you should have them!”  So while Nick fixed a computer (shocking!) I sorted through dvd’s.  And then I played Scrabble with Uncle.  Then we went to mom’s house she’s trying to clean up to sell, got a few more tidbits of random stuff I left there, and got thoroughly exhausted and then stopped at The Baron’s house on the way home.  Ginger Ninja (the Baron’s wife) and I made choco cupcakes and cream cheese frosting and then we watched Ratatouille as a group.  Nick and I had deep and intense conversations all the way home, upstairs, across the apartment, and into bed.  Everything’s fine, though.

AND THEN LAST NIGHT I WROTE ABOUT IT ALL AND WORDPRESS DELETED IT BECAUSE IT’S A BIG HAIRY STUPIDFACE.  I like wordpress, it’s pretty easy for me to use, mostly.  And it’s never deleted an entire post of mine, before.  I’m sad and angry.

Earlier this morning, I had a dream that I was visiting my Betna, and we were going for a walk with her little Kiwi.  Kiwi was in the stroller but didn’t want to be, so I put her in the Bjorn frontpack I was wearing and Betna just pushed the stroller while showing me on her very complex technological device what route we were walking and the amount of hills in it.  Then we got to her friends’ car, and we had to open the door and rearrange clothes in it because they were flying in later that day.  When she mentioned flying I thought it was a good idea so I put down little Kiwi and jumped into the air and just kept going, floating and zipping around.  Betna got mad because I wasn’t focusing.  And then I helped a very large man with a long braid shop for a motorcycle after we all played soccer with the Marines.