I went home from work early yesterday because not only did I have no appointments, there were just no people in the store.  ‘Twas dead as a high school on Sunday.  Then, I got to sit through a THUNDERSTORM all by myself.  I love thunderstorms, but I love them because they frighten me and make me want to cuddle with Nick and Nick was at work so I couldn’t cuddle with him.  I just wandered around the living room, shaking a little bit and reviewing everything I knew about how the air feels right before one is struck by lightning and turning off all the lights.  And making tea.*  Then, thankfully, once the storm had passed, Plump Panda invited me along for some birthday shopping.  We swung by the dollar store for obnoxious decorations, and I made an epic discovery: that particular dollar store stocks eggs, cheese, milk, and a few other perishables.  I may be snooty in thinking this, but isn’t that a little sketchy?

Ugh.  I just looked down and saw that my thigh fat was subcutaneously congealing.  It kind of makes me want to not eat, ever again.  Of course, the true answer is to exercise regularly, but who does that?  Especially outside, in the rain?*

*I appear to be using fragments today.  I am so sorry.