It really seems like everyone has had birthdays this week.  My little brother and my mother-in-law share a birthday, Plump Panda’s husband (whose nickname appears to change weekly)’s was today (but the party was yesterday) and MIL’s party was tonight, also at least 5 people on Facebook had birthdays this week that that I very nicely neglected.  If I write anything that abuses grammar beyond its strictures, please forgive me.  I am mildly inebriated.  Oh yeah, I spelled that right on the first try.  I must be fine.

At MIL’s party tonight, there was delicious dinner of the barbecue chicken salad variety (if you’re interested I’ll get SIL and BIL’s recipe), wine, and a good round of Apples to Apples.  I ended up with the collection of: Corrupt, Foreign, Responsible, Risky, Awkward, and Awesome.


We left at the same time as Nick’s parents, and logically we raced down the opposing staircases to beat the other couple to the bottom.  Unfortunately,  MIL totally wiped out on the second floor landing (party was on the third floor) and made a very concerning thump.  She missed the last step in her rush to win  and landed on her hands and knees.  I double-checked that she was okay before laughing uproariously.  Then, as we all carefully made our way down the last flight to the parking lot,  Nick made a crack about the cards she had won in Apples to Apples, one of which was Chunky.  It’s okay.  I smacked him for her.  I got the back of his head and some ear!

I want to sleeeeeeeeeeeep.