I am in a bad mood.  I do not know if it is because I am thinking and feeling unhappy things, or if it’s because I skipped my mood-altering vitamin this morning.  50 mg B-complex, in case you had any silly ideas about my medicinal habits.  I am not feeling angry, just unhappy.  I am unhappy because I want to have a different job but I do not, because I am not making enough money (in my opinion), because I have gained about 10 lbs since my wedding, because pants are getting tighter, because I cannot find a good, safe, walking route for to exercise upon.

*went and took a nap and a vitamin*

I feel better now.  Except I have waited till the end of the day to post, and yay because something of occurrence . . . um . . occurred.  We went out to a coffee shop because my brother was playing a show there this evening.  ‘Twas great fun!  There was a minor problem: I think he’s back together with his on again/off again really needs to be off for always, girlfriend.  She super-dislikes me because I think she can tell that I don’t want them together.  She is not a bad person.  I do not dislike her, on the basis of her alone.  I do dislike her in a relationship with my brother.  They are not good for each other, and he would move on willingly if she would let him go.  He tries to be a good man, and ends up going back to her dangit!  They can work and did work as friends, but the romantic dynamic pretty much eats both of their souls.  Oh, the fights he has told me about.  His descriptions of their behaviours!  I don’t think he’s an angel or anything, and that she’s so clingy and horrible, he’s not himself with her.  They both twist themselves into something they think the other person wants and it’s just no good.  He broke up with her about two months ago, and moved a city away and got a second job.  I thought he might really be done, and I was so happy and tried to support him and bolster him up.  I understand breakups hurt and stuff.  I did not do a happy dance anywhere he could see, and I did not try to bash on her or exonerate him.  Now, NOW, he’s back with her and faking it up so much I think I’m going to suffocate.  Grr!  Rawr!  Nonsense and tomfoolery!  Oh, well.  I’ll just chew him out later.