Memorial Day is for remembering the sacrifices made by the military for the sake of our country, and more importantly, for the sake of the people that constitute that country.

Memorial Day is also for barbecues, and I was starting to panic just before noon as Nick drove off for his 2! hour shift (good call, work!) because we had no barbecue-related plans for this afternoon and evening.  By the time Nick got home from his 2! hour shift, I had decided on a course of action for us.  Nick was unaware.  He changed out of his work clothes and came to cuddle me on the couch.

“Honey, do you want to go visit my dad today?  I want to see him. ”

Silence from Nick, accompanied by that minute stiffening of muscles in protest of a threat, the sudden intake of breath to cope with incoming pain.

“No . . . . . I wanted to make plans for us tonight. ”

“Us like, just you and me?”

Sad, now, “Yeah!”

“Like, just us like it is all the time?”

More silence.

You see, Nick is like my sister.  They are firm in their belief that they are impulsive, impetuous people.  They happen to miss the fact that they are incredibly inflexible and mulish when confronted with someone else’s impetuosity.  I have learned to deal with this person in two bodies: I give them a half hour.  I present my idea, and give them a half hour of silence so they can process and become okay with this idea.  Then I ask again, and usually they’re good to go.  It worked again, this time.

About an hour later, we were on our way to my dad’s via a new (to me), exciting, very scenic, very curvy road.  Lovely and delightful!  Nice weather!  We made brown rice, steamed broccoli, cheese sauce for the broccoli, steak marinade, and summer squash for grilling.  Yay annual barbecue days will not go unnoticed!  We came home after a few very nice hours with the feeling of good memories created.  I know it meant something to my dad.  It meant something to me, too.  As we drove away, “Have I mentioned that I really like your dad?”

Yes baby, you have.  And I’m glad.