Nothing much happened today.  We borrowed El Jefe, except Bair Mahogany brought it over in the morning and drove Nick to work, so we didn’t so much borrow it as get a ride in it.  By the way, Bair Mahogany and Captain SQUIRREL! are the same person.  I went to work, after a nice long chat with Aunt Dawna.  Nothing much happened there.  I worked on every coworker I had, relieved one bad headache and one bad attitude.  So much nothing much happened (except Aunt Dawna came in to get her hair trimmed up!) that I went home from work early.  Again.  I then did nothing much at home, regardless of the multitude of possibilities I had mapped out for myself on the drive home.  I went to get Nick from work.  He asked me to come in to the store, because they had on display a 3-D tv with surround sound and glasses and pretty much I was IN  “Monsters VS. Aliens” one of the cutest movies ever.  That was fun, but I prefer my movies over there on that screen, very clearly not encompassing me, because I have issues differentiating between the magic I see onscreen and the occurrence of such things in my life.  We drove home, and nothing much happened.  We both got out of our work clothes and flopped on our bed and talked dozily about nothing much.  Nick told me snippets of memories from his schooling, stage by stage.  Eventually we got up, had a couple glasses of wine, and did stuff on our respective computers.  Then we ate dinner.  It was nothing much, just leftovers from the other day when I made pot pie.  I just realized, I had ought to take pictures and upload them, because it was something new and exciting.  Crap.  I’ll do it the next time, I promise.  Ta, hep cats and cool kittens.