The other day I decided to sketch out a design that has been floating around my head for weeks, if not months.  It’s a dress, I think it’s very pretty and I may attempt to make it someday for my own amusement.  Please to note that I am not great at drawing female torsos; I get the proportions way off and then she, my headless sketch-mannequin, looks gawky and horrid.  Please, just look at my pretty dress and how it flows and the pretty ribbons and also I have not the slightest idea how to make it.  But I want it so bad!  By the way, I drew it at least a day ago if not two, but I saved it until today so I didn’t run out of things to talk about.  Yup.  I focus on this blog just that much.  Oh noes!  I might be boring in a day!  Hoard amusing things!

pretty dress

In other news, my mother in law wants to throw us a small reception thing for all the members of the family that Nick didn’t like particularly, so we didn’t invite to the wedding.  That’s rather unfair.  He invited the ones with the closer relationships with him.  And for a man who has thirteen aunts and uncles by blood alone (not counting their spouses), that’s a lot of family.  All of those aunts and uncles have kids, and most of those have kids.  We’re talking a metric crapton of family here.  I get to wear my pretty dress again yay!