Wheeeeeeeeeeee!  We just got back from the Social Security office and my name is changed!  Now all I have to do is pay the State of Oregon DMV my right hand to get a new license.  Whatever, DMV, whatever.  Anyway, the weather today is delightful, just like it was on Saturday.  Oh!  Saturday was a nice day.  Eh, this whole weekend was nice.  I had an early staff meeting, but I’m a sickeningly perky morning person, so that was no big deal.  After that, I visited Aunt Dawna and two out of their four boys to hang out and play Apples to Apples, JR., thereby annoying the youngest nigh unto death by requiring him to sound out some of the words himself.  After a few breakdowns of the phonetical variety, we moved on to a movie and Dawna corrected my knowledge of knitting.  I showed her my style, and she gaped, openmouthed.  Eventually she pulled herself together enough to say that I knit in a way that she’d never seen before.  I’m unique!  I got started on a set of wristers, and since I’m starting in June they should be done by February.  Perfect.  Sunday was girls’ day!  Plump Panda and Ginger Ninja picked me up, and then we went out to Clackamas Mall to meet Spatulating Beauty.  We wandered all over that mall and found a couple of amazing stores that I have to remember to go back to, once I have some pocket money for the silly purchasing.  Mmmmm clothes.  What followed was an experience with large amounts of sushi, and then yet another mall.  Oh, the walking.  Oh, the rompers we tried on.  Yes, rompers.  Mine was solid sequins with white shorts attached.  Such nonsense, I tell you!  Also, I cannot decide whether or not I like rompers.  On the one hand, they seem rather cute and comfortable.  On the other, they appear to be adult onesies, and must be completely removed to use the bathroom, and that’s a lot of near-nudity in bathrooms that are not my own.  Plus they’re from the 50’s, and then the 70’s and 80’s.  I’m just not sure about them.