You know that wrister set I mentioned yesterday when I was talking about Saturday?  I’ve been working on it this evening and now one of my fingertips has been repeatedly stabbed by a blunt knitting needle.  Yes, it hurts.  No, laughing does not count as sympathy.  I completed the buttonhole maneuver Aunt Dawna and I discussed using for a thumb hole (Hey Dawna, it totally works!) successfully, except for the part where I just kept knitting over top of it and didn’t notice till like four rows later that I had somehow left a large gaping hole just next to the thumb hole which means I did it wrong somehow dangit!  Now I am faced with a dilemma.  Do I just accept this imperfection (and others: several loose stitches) as part of a learning experience and cherish this wrister as the first experimental thing I made when I was learning to knit and wear it with pride?  Or, do I pull the loose end of the yarn and undo not only a couple of hours of hard work and the cause of some bruises and tight muscles, but all the mistakes in the weave and just find a place to pick up and start again?  If I undo it all, does that mean that all my work was not only in vain, but meaningless?  Also, if I admit that something I made wasn’t instantly top notch, doesn’t that infer that I am a total failure?  It does, I’m pretty sure.  Yup.  It was logical in high school so it makes sense now.

P.s.  Ow.  My finger.