I just know you all have been deeply concerned for the fate of my knitting project, so I will update you on that before anything else.  I pulled it out, or “frogged”, as we sophisticated, educated knitting-types say.  I then re-did the thumb hole bit.  but I had the same huge gap problem as before, so I went ahead and re-did it twice.  THREE TIMES TOTAL.  That’s some complex knitting for a newbie, folks.  My finger hurts more today, because for some reason I am convinced I need to assist the needles in manipulating the yarn, using my forefinger on the tip of the needles to force it through the seriously intense and difficult yarn .  Freaking ouch, people.  But hey, there’s progress!  And less gaping holes!

I don’t know, not much has happened lately except things that I’m pretty sure will embarrass me nigh unto death in the future if I write about them now.  OH!  I got one. (and bad grammar)  I called my phone carrier today and changed my plan from being a barnacle on my mom’s plan to its own, fully grown sea . . . cucumber?  Anemone?  Urchin?  Hmmm, sea cucumbers amuse me most.  So yeah, I’m even more of a grown up now.  I’m married, I do laundry, I just changed my name, I knit, and I have my own phone plan thingy.  Woo!  I feel all liberated and in control and such.  It’s a total joke, but it’s a nice illusion.