My house smells like bleach.  I filled my kitchen sink with a bleach/water solution to soak those white clothes that just don’t get white.  I’m a little bleach-happy because we haven’t had any for three months but now we have some and I can bleach things!  And clean things!  You see, I am fully incapable of keeping a white garment white.  I envy those people out there that can keep whites their original color.  I manage to spill things on them (the clothes), or they get stained in the armpit region.  I have no idea how that could happen; I am female and therefore a delicate flower that never perspires or does anything else gross.  Somebody please reassure me that a bleach soak will clean my clothes!

As I was carrying my second load of clothes down to the laundry room, I started singing this song:

It was great fun.

That darn bleach shredded my hands, though.  I wrung everything out when I took it out of the sink, so the webbing between all my fingers and especially between my thumb and forefinger is red and unhappy.  I rinsed my hands right away, to get the FREAKING ACID off of them but some damage has been done.  It’s eating my fleshhhhhhh!