I have things I could discuss here, but I’m not exactly sure how personal I want to make this thing.  If this were pen and paper that I could hide, so much the better, but no.  All you people are out there, all 6 of you that have ever commented.  And I’m not sure that I would be comfortable baring the topic that is rolling around in my mind right now.  (Don’t worry, it’s not dramatic, just sex-related)

OH HEY my daughter that is graduating?  She got me a ticket to her graduation!  It is on Monday evening and I am so excited!  I am beyond proud of how she’s managed to push herself and achieve this in a short amount of time.  I feel so honored that she included me, and when she told me last night that she was surprising me with a ticket, I teared up.  She’s doing something big, she is thinking that she can be great, can be more.  She is looking beyond the obvious to the possibilities, and then making them happen.  She is expecting more from herself and I am just about bursting inside, being proud of her.  See, I’ve watched other people drop out or not pass, just not even trying to help themselves.  They didn’t even try to believe anything better about themselves.  They took themselves at face value, and social value, just another punk kid who will never amount to much, and put on that description like a coat and let it become them.  It kills me to see that happen, to watch people give up on themselves and not try to be anything better than the least they can be.  But my daughter, she’s NOT doing that.  She’s being great.  And on Monday at 7:30, I will get to see her receive proof of that, and I will clap for her and cry like a baby.