We got a TV!  It requires capitalization because it is huge.  It also does not currently work.  We acquired it from good friends who wanted it out of their garage and had more than enough TV’s to go around, so all we have to do it repair it!  Ha, I keep saying “we” as if I’m going to do any part of this “repairing”.  I will, however, hover very lovingly and offer assistance over and over and over until Nick says , “NO!” enough for me to take it personally and flounce off to the other room to read a book and ignore him very pointedly and then he’ll have to THINK ABOUT WHAT HE’S DONE.  It’s like he’s in timeout, only reverse.  I seclude myself, and he’s being punished somehow.  Anyway, TV!  I’m sure his friend The Baron will be delighted, and I’m glad we can watch movies from his Xbox/Netflix setup while sitting on our couch, as opposed to previous movie-snuggle nights where we completely strip the couch and bed and create an elaborate cuddlepile of couch cushions, bed pillows, and all the superfluous blankets we own.  Ahhh, the luxury of not rearranging EVERYTHING in order to enjoy a movie!  Mmmmm I am squirming around like a happy puppy on the inside at the thought.  Okay so here are a couple of pictures of the gigantor TV with Nick next to it for scale.

These are Nick’s creepy eyes.  It’s an expression he makes entirely by accident, when he wants to look alert.  I coached him into decreasing the creepy for the next one:

I told him to think of watching movies on our huge TV and playing games and stuff.  He smiled happily and his eyes got way less creepy.  I smiled.