That graduation was the most exhausting one I’ve ever attended.

1.  I went alone, so I had to navigate a part of the city to which I was not accustomed.  I also had to park jillions of blocks (5) away and walk for miles (5 blocks) and miles in 16″ platform stilettos (2″ wedges).

2.  The auditorium bit didn’t open up to us general public freaks for ages and ages (half an hour) so I had to stand in line near strangers and eavesdrop on their conversations.  All I could do was daydream and run through what  I would say next in the conversation if I were. . . in the conversation.

3.  I WENT ALONE so I had no one to be my seat-buddy.  Luckily!  I found my daughter’s sister’s boyfriend and sat near him.  (here’s a hint – the only real relationship in that phrase is the boyfriend/girlfriend one)  He and I both took gazillions of pictures (he: over 100, me: over 50) and giggled over how many pictures we were taking.  Also we commiserated because we had both arrived between six and six thirty and then we got out of there around nine thirty and we were both ravenous.  Heck, everyone was ravenous.  I put a small handful of mints into my little wrister purse for breathy freshness, and I ended up consuming them to ease my hunger.

4.  My butt and back started aching because it took so dang long.  There were at least three if not four student speakers, as well as the principal doing his thing.  Lots o’ talking.

5.  SIX THIRTY TILL NINE THIRTY.   That means that i left my house at six, and got home close to ten thirty and I had nothing to eat except six mints and then the snack bag of chips I stashed in the car in case I starved.  Well hey looky there!  I did starve!

Bottom line, she graduated and I have lots of pictures and I am so proud!  And, I plan on calling her some morning this summer and attempting to panic her into getting ready for ‘school’.  Bwaahahahahaha. (that was my evil laugh)