As I lay falling asleep last night, I realized that yesterday’s post didn’t need to be so short and lamesauce.  I actually had an adventure yesterday morning and managed to forget about it by the end of the day.  Sorry Betna, if you’re reading this one – I swear you’re important to meeeeee!!

I believe I’ve whined previously about my bestie Betna surprise-visiting with the hubs and the wee lassie from California, but I was unable to see her?  Maybe I didn’t.  I can’t remember.  It happened though.  Her brother in-law was gradumating this last weekend just like my daughter, so they surprised him by appearing at a family thing and he teared up just a tad.  Awwwwwww beautiful moment.  The rest of their short visit was taken up with family things, so I couldn’t really see her ever.  Le sigh.  Until yesterday morning, when I got a wild hare notion and asked what state she was in.  Long story short, I got to see her before work!  Wooooo!  Also, I held my little Kiwi, my sweet lil “niece”.  She has these cheeks . . . and these incredible eyebrows that make her little face so expressive.  I always forget how good it is to tell Betna stories and listen to her stories in return, while looking at her face.  It is awesome.  Her little girl definitely has her eyebrows and a lot of her expressions.  Not that Betna has massive eyebrows, just mobile ones that can change the look of a face to express. . .um . .. expressions. . .

sorry, I’m up an hour earlier than normal because Nick’s work is making everyone come in an hour early fora training thing, so I set the alarm for an hour earlier, but it didn’t go off except it did but we didn’t hear it because the volume got turned down.  I woke up at 5 fresh out of a zombie dream.  And I somehow managed to get back to sleep for an hour.

You guys, I hate zombies.  I will watch creepy vampire movies, werewolf movies, as often as one appeals to me and I can get Nick to go along.  Zombie movies make me completely lose my bidness.  Once upon a time when we had been dating about 6 months, we watched Shaun of the Dead.  It is a COMEDY ABOUT ZOMBIES.  The title is a parody of Dawn of the Dead, which is a much loved zombie movie, if I remember avoiding it correctly.  Once again, ’twas a comedy.  And I lost my bidness over it.  We watched it in the tv room with a sliding glass door next to us, and it was dark outside so the only thing I could see was the room being reflected.  After the halfway point of this movie I was checking that darn door every few minutes, scanning the room, assessing available weapons, and formulating attack plans and escape routes.  BECAUSE OF A COMEDY.  For the next three months, I would lock the car after getting in, scan the street around me before taking off, scan the street and yard and porch before unlocking and exiting, walk up to the door backward, slide through the smallest opening possible, and slam and lock it in about two seconds.  Then I would contemplate getting a large knife from the kitchen (ultimately deciding against that because it looks crazy) and do a walk-through of the house to make sure there were no zombies.  I would check the garage, that place of my childhood fears (dad kept a stuffed bobcat out there), and then the backyard would be perused and the door double-checked and re-locked.  Then, down the hall I would go, checking bedrooms and behind doors.  I’m totally over it now, it really did last only three months.  All of this is to say, “I DON’T LIKE ZOMBIES.  THEY ARE MY MONSTER FEAR.  I WOULD FACE VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES BEFORE ZOMBIES.

And, last night, I had a zombie dream.  Thank you, subconscious.  You suck at life.  Basic dream details:  there was an overnight camp/resort/ranch thing, that offered the zombie experience as one of its amenities.  It flipflopped in the dream from being real, brainz-eating zombies to paid actors that terrorized the guests, but anyway.  Everyone got their own cabin, which was more along the lines of a free-standing bedroom made out of logs, it was up to the guests to lock their doors and windows to protect against le zombies.  the couple that I observed/was came for the fun of it, the getaway aspect and tried to opt out of the zombie nonsense but they were real right then so my people couldn’t.  And then, somehow, by the light of the full moon, the woman got bit and infected.  So every night her husband had to lock her out of the cabin so that when the moon rose and she went all zombified she wouldn’t be a danger to him.  The first night this happened, she somehow imbued two pieces of fried chicken with her zombie-self, so at dusk she had to eat the chicken and then turn?  My subconscious is a weirdo.  Then after she ate her fried-chicken-zombie-self, her husband couldn’t shove her out the door fast enough and almost got his brainz eated.  Following that were scenes of zombies thronging the windows and door and lots of wondering if they would hold against the onslaught.  As far as I knew (in my dream), that woman is/was the only were-zombie.  And a hearty good morning to you, too.

p.s. Katieface, in the dream I was totally thinking, “We have to tell Katie and Jesse about this place, she’d love it!”