More on the infamous knitting project: I unraveled the whole thing and started again.  Twice.  This morning.

Gah, I have so many ideas of things to make and activities to do, but all I really want to do is make pie crust dough and eat it slowly while reading through all four books I got from the library a bit ago.  I did go grocery shopping on my way home and bought broccoli and hummus, which is a delicious combination.  I did not find what I wanted, a teasing comb, but whatevs.  Betna suggested a new variety of deodorant to use that I’m excited about, but it’s by a brand that has never worked for me in the past.  I swear, I have bionic armpits or something.  Secret is the only brand that has had anything resembling success with my million-dollar underarms.  I’ve tried everything out there, including a guys’ line for a little bit during my anti-girl phase, but nothing really seems to cover for more than say, 6 hours.  I know I can smell myself after that time, but I’m hypersensitive to it because ewwww I don’t want anyone else to have to deal.  Dove, while having delicious scents and good advertising, has never stood a chance against the Armpits of Doom; I could smell myself within two hours of application.  I mean good grief, some of the lines I’ve tried seemed to apply the b.o. smell when initially swiped on!  I’ve become used to the wetness if I’ve been exerting myself or in high-heat situations, and really it’s kind of refreshing to lift up my arms in a breeze and get that nice hit of coolness from evaporation.  But one must ALWAYS guard against the smell!  He hehe I just remembered two different wedding stories regarding deodorant.

1.  Betna’s wedding day, in the far distant foggy past (3 years or so) was lovely and warm, a nice September day.  We were up at 6 am getting our hair done since the ceremony was at 10, if I remember correctly.  We got to the church and got dressed, and wow her dress was like . . .oodles of fabric.  Gorgeous, was a good choice for her, but still had a goodly amount of bulk that would serve to trap heat next to her innocent skin.  There was a rotating fan in the bride’s room and I have a fond memory of her standing in front of it, arms raised and later, skirt raised.  Anyway, after a while of this she realized she had forgotten something important that morning and there was quite a tussle as everyone searched their bags for deo for the bride.  One of the girls found some and then, in an act of love, applied it for her.  Crisis averted.
2.  Chan’s wedding day last summer was a hottie.  As one of the oldest bridesmaids, with some experience in the arena, I went ahead and packed everything that could possibly be needed.  I packed baby powder and deodorant.  Any woman reading this probably knows what those were for.  This bride was allowed to apply her own deodorant, but was concerned over the status of her upper leg-regions, that tend to get . . .damp, cos of the heat and the sweating.  Then that dampness dries slightly and ends up sticky and then the skin gets ripped off and then she cries on her wedding day and not because of joy.  Because she is my cousin and I love her so, I packed baby powder and deo.  Because she is my cousin and I love her so, she got a choice.  Because she is my cousin and I love her so, and it is a funny story to tell later to embarrass her, I scrambled under her voluminous skirt to apply baby powder to her upper leg-regions while she shrieked and laughed.  Love you Channy!