My day has been eventless, yet I have a few good stories.  Firstly, when pulling my sewing machine out of its box this morning, I got in a small fight with a staple I didn’t know was there and ripped a nice shallow gash across the back of my middle finger on my right hand.  Woo!  Blood and pain!  After I got the machine out and threw away the offending staple, I used the leftover fabric from the throw pillows to make wristrests for my keyboard and mouse.  I am not in any of these pictures because I didn’t shower until 1pm, and ew.

Here’s the pre- stage, I’m measuring some batting to use as filler.

Step 1 sort of

And here, I’m sewing! oooooooo exciting and informative.

informational sewing

Finished product #1!


And here is where I got bored of taking how-to pictures, and just finished the mouse wristrest as if by magic!  I mean, if you guys don’t see photgraphic proof of the beginning and middle, then the end result cannot be explained by natural means, right?  Right.  Okay, mouse thingy now.


And the grand finale, both of them in their new homes saving me from lots of carpal tunnel style pain.


Also you can see the orangey plaid blanket I use as a seat cushion.  Who wants to give me a decent computer chair?  Come on, I know someone does. . . cos I can’t get thinks for myself, of course.

p.s. Cats and kittens, this totally counts as like three weeks or something of projects because it should’ve taken me that long except I have way too much spare time right now.