I woke up today in a good mood, there was dozy cuddling and then teeth-brushing. Woo!  Somewhere between the hygiene and now, (like ten minutes later) I have managed to slip into a funk.  I don’t know what is causing it.  Possibly the dream I had that was long and involved and was all about my twin brother and the girlfriend he shouldn’t have, and either her mom or his mom joining forces with her to be really mean to me and try to get him to hate me, too.  In the dream the girlfriend was a piercer and she pierced my daughter’s lip and was really nice and stuff in that context.  Then she and the mom creature stood together and muttered about how I was horrible and mean-hearted and secretly in love with my brother (um ew?) and trying to ruin everything.  My brother was just running around, oblivious to the girl-fights, and wouldn’t or couldn’t hear me when I told him he shouldn’t marry her.  At least in my dream I’m up front and confrontational. . . then followed something about a hospital and one little boy-creature who was sick and had gained a bunch of weight but didn’t show it somehow?  He had eaten a lot of things like jewelry and other heavy, metal objects.  Those objects had to be surgically removed and the process was a lot like the movie we watched last night where one of the creepy bad guys slits a live snake (one of his special pets, too) up the stomach to retrieve something.

OH!  The movie we saw last night!  Nick has realized that I kind of freak out if we don’t go out together once or twice a month.  I also freak out if we don’t see friends, but that’s an entirely different story.  So, he made this realization and planned an evening for us while I was taking a two hour nap yesterday afternoon.  He took me to a local bar thingy that served (prepare yourself) bacon-cheese fries.  Yes, that is potatoes coated in cheese and bacon. I’m not even talking about those fakesause baco’ bits, these were meaty chunks of delicious pig-flesh.  These godlike snacks were to be dipped in thick ranch dip.  And!  The dinner salad they brought out before the main course had cranberries on it.  Um, wow.  Intriguing beers, killer food, in both senses of the word, and pretty affordable, too!  After the dinner we popped by our friends’ house to say hi cos of how long it’d been since we’d seen them all, and were promptly late for the movie.  We went shopping instead, and then went to a different theater that was practically abandoned.  Awesome, yes?

**IMPORTANT EDIT**  On the way to the theater we drove past this adorable, homeless couple huddling together for warmth on the side of the road,  lost and bedraggled.  Later, we realized it was Jesse and Katie.  I then waved until my arm almost fell off.  I was very excited to see them; if you ever see them, toss them a dollar out of the goodness of your heart. **IMPORTANT EDIT**

We watched Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.  It was well done and amusing and pretty and plot-twisty, and if the main character and female lead uttered the words, “mystical, sacred, and destiny” about thirty times too many, I didn’t mind that much.  On top of which, since it was a Disney creation, there was very little on the sexynaughty side.  Plenty of blood, but nowhere near the gore content of many, many others.  The creepy snake guy upset me, though, and once I had to lift both my feet of the ground for a few minutes because he had loosed several of his horned vipers to attack, and if I see snakes on the screen I feel them against my ankles.  My husband is nice and let me prop my feet across him until the snakes were gone.  Phew!