Oh yeah, it happened.  Katie invited me to a craft night with Susieoregon.  We drove around and giggled and then settled on a local park that claimed awesomeness because it had a bench-swing!  We sat on the bench swing, knitting away like giddy grandmothers in-training, until I killed a mosquito on Katie’s shoulder.  And then another that was biting my arm.  And then I almost killed a third but it was flying really close to Katie’s boob and while we’re good pals, I don’t think she’d take it kindly if I thwapped her right on the boob.  So that one got away, but Susieoregon got bit as well so we fled to an obliging Starbucks.  The other two toted their beverages from Dairy Queen, but I bought a token drink so we didn’t feel as lamesauce hanging out in there.   I got about 1 1/2 ” done on the wrister that I started and made a thumbhole three times and then undid twice and restarted, and now I think I just might make more progress.  Weee!

This morning after Nick left for work, I was washing dishes and I realized something.  We had 5 dirty wine glasses, and 2 dirty water glasses.  What does that say about us?

What it says is that water glasses are reused because they don’t look gross but wine leaves a creepy residue at the bottom. . .