At Starbucks last night, as we knitted away like three goodnatured spinsters, we were discussing funny things found on the internet.  Katie mentioned Samwise This clip, and we giggled about it.  I then mentioned a clip I had found ages ago, but now it is lost.  I may have to search my myspace for it, cos I’m pretty sure I sent it to someone there.

In other news, it appears that I will not be able to watch my favorite show, So You Think You Can Dance, because the broadcasting company doesn’t put full episodes online and doesn’t have them, either!  I am sadface.  I love So You Think You Can Dance!  I love it so much I don’t even use the lamesauce acronym!  I love watching the different styles of dancing, seeing the creative mix of movement and music, daydreaming that I can somehow move like that also, allowing the grace and stories of the dances to affect me emotionally.  Also, seeing all those tight, strong, trim dancers’ bodies makes me want to exercise to the point that I actually exercise, so that is a GOOD THING.  And the internet is trying to keep all of this happiness from me.  Bad internet.  No biscuit!

OHMYGESH I FOUND THAT CLIP.  KatieSusieoregon!  Watch this it’s what I tried to describe last night and kept stuttering and failing and looking confused!

LOTR ewAhhhhh.  I feel better now.