The wedding party happened yesterday.  That is to say, the reception my mother in-law wanted to throw to invite and include all the people Nick didn’t consider close enough to invite to our wedding because even though they could be considered close familialy, they’re not close to him in like a relationship type way, happened yesterday.  I got to wear my dress again and put on big fake lashes, and Nick looked just delicious in his slacks, pewter shirt, and vest.  He had the sleeves rolled to the elbow, and the collar and vest unbuttoned.  I got a little drooly over him at several different times.  You guys, I cannot count how many times I was asked “is that your wedding dress?”  Yes, this long, lacy, very bridal looking garment is my wedding dress.  No, just kidding.  I wore it to prom in 1940.  Seriously, SO MANY PEOPLE asked.  It was lots of fun, some of our friends showed up so that was pretty awesome.  Also, there was champagne-punch.  Woo!  Double also, there were tagyak and yolanchi, grape leaf rollup things and a couple other Armenian foods that Nick loves and at least one he doesn’t.  I ate all those for him.  For dessert, there was a meringue/raspberry/chocolate/cream trifle that started out as an entirely different dessert, but whatevs.  Don’t fight a good thing!  She even made chocolate fondue.  Wow.  After most of the people had gone, we changed clothins and jumped into the pool.  I considered jumping in with my dress, but no one was there with a decent camera and eye to take the ooooo pics.  Also, I didn’t want to asplode my dress.  It is delicate and pretty and I was afraid of chlorine messing it all up.

Then there were presents.  OH YEAH!!!  The (mostly) whole reason I went along with the idea!  More loot, man!  We finally got a blender, no more chewing ice for us!  Okay I’m done with the exclamation points.  I think I just gave myself a headache, reading back over that.  Anyway, we got more stuff and it was all lovely and the party went well and then we came home with Older Sister and Boyfriend trailing behind.  We watched Man vs. Wild.  Bear Grylls is just a little dollface!  (Crap, exclamation point.  I fail)  Older Sister had to resist the freakout urge when Bear decided to follow a river under a mountain instead of climbing said mountain, and then he squeezed through a pretty tight passage and dove under a wall to see if they could get out with the water.  Older Sister is a wee bit claustrophobic, you see.  Hugs don’t always work for her.  She was breathing pretty forcefully. . . I got worried.  And by worried, I mean I teased her about it.