Galore is an awesome word.

In my . . . marriage, I have noticed from the start the importance of communication.  See, if we just keep on keeping on with whatever works best for us as individuals, then we’re not really doing anything. . . special, together.  We need to look beyond ourselves and see what works for the other person.  However, in a . . . delicate situation,  it can be difficult to come up with adequate verbiage.  Searching for words becomes more difficult if one is . . . distracted.  Today, while spending “personal time” together, we improved our communication!  Nick lit upon three or four two-word phrases that can be of use in most . . . situations.  It was quite a breakthrough.  A little bit of gentle . . . coaching, and he is now equipped to tell me, easily and comfortably, what he wants.  This may sound elementary to you, my dear Watson, but we’re three and a half months into this lifetime so I’m counting every little . . .victory.

p.s. I absolutely think I’m funny.