We discovered a tv show we liked, earlier this week.  We don’t actually have a tv (that works) but we watch series on Netflix and it is lovely.  We’d watched about 7 episodes till today, and decided to wrap up our evening with one more.  The show is called the Dresden Files, it’s a fantasy show, there is magic, there are wizards and demons and werewolves and vampires and all manner of nonsense and we’re totally engrossed.  It is just delightful.  EXCEPT tonight’s episode.  It was melodramatic, it was over the top, the use of light was all wrong, the queen vampire looked ridiculous, the main character did so many things completely out of character, that Nick and I were both heartbroken.  We looked at each other every five minutes or so, and said with disbelief, “Did that just happen?  Did they really just do that?  Harry would never do that!  WHY IS THERE SO MUCH LIGHT IN A VAMPIRE-RUN NIGHTCLUB???”  We were very, very upset.

Have you ever experienced this?  You find a scripted series that you heartily enjoy, but halfway through the season something changes and it becomes trite nonsense, instead of highly entertaining, well thought out with awesome comedic timing nonsense?  And then your heart breaks into tiny little pieces, and the evenings of giggles and gasps that you imagined stretching on and on into the dim, fuzzy future are suddenly stolen away from you by someone who thought that the Blair Witch Project had the best cinematography ever.  AND THEN you spiral down into unhappiness and even possibly depression because you thought that this would be something special with your husband to bond over, something to chat about and remember happily, something to look forward to when there’s nothing else planned and YOU’RE SO INCREDIBLY BOREDDDD but now it’s worse than canceled, it’s poorly directed and all the awesome has been made into a caricature of fairy dusted crap.  No?  Okay well then it’s just me.  At least we bonded in our sadness over the metric crapton of suck that was that hour.