Heard earlier today: “Awww, you didn’t blog about yesterdayyyyy!”  Apparently Nick was deeply concerned.

AHEM.  Yesterday we went out to breakfast after a gloriously leisurely morning of shower frolicking.  Webber’s Crossing is delightful and delicious, and before we walked there Nick fed me half a cookie so his epitaph wouldn’t read: Killed By Hypoglycemia (his wife’s).  There followed a nice nap, then we left for his parents’ annual 4th of July bbq party.  It was lamesauce.  Normally it’s a good time: the sun is out, people are laughing and having fun – but this year it was like the low, grey clouds affected everybody’s mood.  So we sneaked out and went home.  At home, we cleaned house furiously, just because we could.  Around 8:30pm we got a call from The Baron inviting us to a parking lot to blow stuff up, so we filled the flask and scampered off to join the fun.  What fun it was.  The boys put firecrackers in assorted fruits (tomatoes, kiwi, watermelon chunks, pineapple chunks), mushrooms, and cans of soda.  The girls put glow bracelets on and did interpretive dances with sparklers.

**Hilarious happenstance report**  Just now Nick’s dad showed up at our door with a basket full of rolls that he made, like he does many Mondays.  However, we were not so very “clothed”, and there was awkwardness with the many doorbell rings and the running and the diving into pants and shirts. . . It’s bad being caught in flagrante delicto by your father, and it’s worse when he figures out that he did just catch you in flagrante delicto.   That is all.  **Hilarious happenstance report**

After just about everything that could be lit had been lit, and after a mushroom fight, we decided to reconvene at a local Shari’s for further nonsense.  Partway there, the plan changed to meeting at our apartment because it was close and did not require purchase.  We were fine with the suggestion because Look!  We cleaned the place earlier and it’s nice! mostly.   All in all, we had a much better evening than we had predicted, and then I went to bed at 1 am.  And Nick went to bed at 1:30.