(My young cousins, while cute and speaking NOT ENGLISH, would transpose y’s for l’s, and the pronoun I with My.  Also, sammiches were to be eaten with nakkums.)

Gah, Katie, here are your requested pics of the wristers.

Left hand

and also


So there.  Also, my camera is not left-hand friendly.  There were toes involved.

Here is one reason I detest summer: the swimming.  Now, I love to swim and have fun, but I am also allergic to chlorine by a small amount.  Not so much that I spasm and gasp and my internal regions collapse, but my eyes get red and itchy (I know, everyone’s do) and STAY THAT WAY for a day after, all dry and if I touch one it itches for the next five minutes and if I rub it it gets worse and then I’m hopping up and down or dancing in tiny circles rubbing my eye and whimpering.  This frightens Nick.  See how this is not a good thing?  Second on the complaints about chlorine list (and really, there are only two big issues), if it gets up my nose at all, I will get a sinus infection.  No math equation necessary.  No possibilities of being lucky.   If I swim, water will get in my nose somehow.  Either I jump in wrong or I splash someone who splashes back or I try to have a chicken fight and laugh so hard I fall over and drown my husband, or. . . whatever.  Once it is in my nose, it worms its nefarious way up to those lovely cavities in my skull (yeah, sinii are weird) (sinii is sinus, plural.  I swear.) and then it just jumps around and gets all stabby.  Two weeks later, I realize that I never feel completely awake and that when I bend over to pick up a dropped pen it feels like the Pacific is in my brain and the tide is coming in.  Hooray for you, summer; you did right by me.  Except, no you didn’t.  Drat on chlorine and my nose and now I can’t think quite right and can’t even do yoga because my head gets all swooshy whenever I bend at all!

Lastly, chlorine hurts my pretty hair.  Hmph!