This weekend was fun.  Well, except for the part where Nick had to be up at 7am Sunday morning to get to work for a staff meeting at 8 and then when he got there he realized he was supposed to go to the 8pm staff meeting instead, you know, after working a six hour shift on a SUNDAY.  He stayed for the morning meeting and survived his shift though, and I went to his parents’ house to eat leftovers from their last two weeks of backyard parties and to jump in their pool, play around, and get mildly sunburned.  No, really!  I only got pink!  There was no tomato redness occurring!  It’s a Christmas miracle!  Tonight we visited my dad.  His dad and stepmother were visiting from Idaho and that was pretty much a huge incentive to visit.  We barbecued chicken and also oysters. . . ew but fun.  Nick and I picked a bucketful of pie-cherries and then made a cobbler with them.  It was delicious and we were very proud.  I wish there were funny stories with which I could regale you, but alas!  I can only think of one.  It is terribly embarrassing, too, and may not actually be funny unless you were there.  Nick was.  He laughed.  I think it might work.

Okay story: I was in the bathroom, using the most popular facility, and Nick was buried under every blanket and pillow on our bed in our room.  I was just kinda hanging out (snrk get it?) when I heard my phone ring in the bedroom.  I knew Nick would never answer it, and having polished my nails shortly previous, I really didn’t want to pull up my britches because I would damage my pretty pretty nails for sure!  Thinking quickly, I stood up and ran/bunny-hopped into our bedroom, fingers splayed to protect the polish, pants and underoos around my ankles, to get my phone.   Nick poked his head out from his blanket cocoon.  Go ahead and get a mental image on that one – I’ll wait.  Okay, done?  Good.  Nick chuckled at me, my nails didn’t smudge, and the phone got answered.  Yay!