At work I daydreamed what I would do once I got home, because Nick’s at work until 9:30pm so I had the place to myself.  I decided that I would do yoga.  From information acquired in a Facebook conversation, irrigating one’s sinuses is a practice derived from pre-yoga cleansing rituals.  I was irrigating my sinuses because the chlorine had got all up in there and caused me some troubles.  Anyway, I decided to get all deep into the yoga, and I resolved to wash out my sinuses before practicing yoga so that my breath would be clean.  Pretty much the oddest feeling ever, since any other time my nasal cavities have flooded with water it was against my will, but damn if they aren’t spic and span!  Anyway, I went from my spiritual and historical cleansing ritual that involved lots of snot and drooling and heavy breathing to as much yoga as I could do.  So – about 20 minutes.  In my earlier plans I was going to follow the whole video!  For the whole hour!  Hooray achievement!  Then I got distracted and bored and couldn’t stomach the thought of listening to that insipid blonde and her “soothing” voice for a solid hour, so I quit after a while and made myself dinner.  I almost did laundry, too.  Almost.