Cats and Kittens, I have a story to tell.  It is one I have been holding in because I don’t want to humiliate Nikolai, but I think if I tell it right it’ll be fine.

A few days ago, I realized I will cook meat for dinner if there is any thawed out.  Logic at its purest is in action right here, folks.  That next day before work I told Nick if he pulled some meat out of the freezer I’d cook it for dinner.  However, that evening I was very tired and didn’t want to cook, so Nick started being creative.  It was so cute, you guys.  He gets really secretive and won’t let me in the kitchen to look at stuff and then he presents his concoction all proud of himself!  It was great.

Okay, the thing is that when he gets creative he gets creative with spice mixes.  Like, he mixes spices that don’t necessarily go together. . . ever.  For example, the meat he pulled out was boneless skinless chicken breast.  Yummy, lean, reasonably easy to spice and cook, right?  Well, he wanted to bread it and fry it.  Simple enough, I keep some stale rolls in the freezer that are perfect for crumbing and using for just that purpose.  I gave him some basic pointers (more for my peace of mind and less for his education), and retreated to the living room.  It smelled good, he made cheese sauce for the broccoli he steamed, he plated it all nicely,  it had crispy spots and the meat was awesomely juicy without being raw and creepy.  He kept looking at me and waiting for me to figure out what he had done, with the most mischievous look ever on his face.  Finally he asked if I figured it out, and I really did try but he had to tell me.  Cats, Kittens, all friends and readers, he put cinnamon and chili powder on the chicken.  CINNAMON AND CHILI POWDER.  Cinnamon and chili powder. Cinnamon and chili powder. On chicken.  ( Hi honey!  I liked it, I swear!  Please don’t leave me.)  I really am/was proud of him trying new things.  I was so torn about telling him the flavor combo just didn’t work because I didn’t want him to stop trying new things and being inventive, but man that flavor combination really didn’t work.  It was still edible because he seasoned it with a light hand, but not something to replicate.  But he tried so hard!  He wanted to make something good and new and exciting!  I feel like I’m bitch-slapping a baby animal if I tell him too harshly, or even say anything negative at all.

Okay so here’s the point, besides my husband’s culinary adventures:  I have a decent palate, but I don’t know that I can teach it.  It’s more of a smell this-smell that- does it smell good together- thing.  Do you people have any favorite spice combinations for any meat or veggie or other dish?  Please to share.  I’d like to gather idea to give him and me a good boost on this.