No, really, I did.  I had made enough in tips today that I could pay the product charge for doing my hair and still have some left over, which is my prerequisite for getting my hair done.  I am now off to . . . .right here to take a picture of it.  Because you all care so very super- deeply about my new hair color, and what I made for dinner, and how much exercise I do in a day.  Seriously, you all should get some help.  That level of obsession isn’t healthy.

Wow, the first picture showed none of the color and all of my chins!  I don’t even have superfluous chins, and it showed them.  So, if the camera adds ten pounds, can it add them totally to your neck?  Right, next picture looks decent!  Okay people, my hair is different and here’s proof.

new hairsNo, it’s not because my face is obscured, this honestly is the best image of what I had done to my hair!  Okay I’m bored of saying,”my hair”.  I’m going to go read till Nick gets home.  In four hours. .  .crap.